There are some who are thankful for Trump's decision while other's believe his decision is just another indication of hurting the US's standing among the nations.

Source: The Hill

Republicans and Republican supporters gathered near the White House on Saturday for a “Pittsburgh Not Paris” rally supporting President Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate agreement.

The timing and location of the rally raised concerns that two groups might clash - the Trump supporters and the demonstrators marching against Trump policies in multiple cities nationwide, including Washington, D.C.

At the White House, a brief conflict between one woman criticizing Trump and several protesters chanting “Trump” flared up and was quickly broken up by others standing nearby.

The name of the “Pittsburgh Not Paris” rally is a nod to Trump’s line during Thursday’s announcement that he would withdraw from the Paris accord on climate change. “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris,” he said.

Trump's decision to pull America out of the Paris Accord is a good decision. It will not cost American jobs nor will it put in money for something that has no guarantee. Should we be concerned about the ecosystem. Of course we should, but we each can have a role to play in bringing about great change. But continuing to pour money into agreements and policies with no high ROI is just plain negligent and bad stewardship. Moreover, a rash decision could also affect a certain working class.

What we are doing to the environment as well as the way we use the earth's resources cannot and should not continue as we are going. Nevertheless, what ever decision is made, it must allow for coal miners (who realize a change is needed) and others to be able to transition into jobs where their knowledge and skill set would be beneficial in helping the environment.