I found an article yesterday that I posted on my Facebook timeline entitled, "The poor don’t need minimum wage laws. They need freedom." It sparked a small conversation that I wasn't expecting. A friend asked the question, "But I'm also wondering what response there is to this potential (and I think guaranteed) move by employers if you abolished minimum wage. Wouldn't the vast majority of minimum-wage earners now find themselves out of luck?"

It is a very good question and the answer is not that simple. Nevertheless, I posted a reply to my friend's question.

. . . I was merely stating that to give an answer, it would seem inadequate without going into great detail about fixing the root of the problem. Nevertheless, I will try to answer your question by giving you an example.

Let’s say that there is a donut shop somewhere in Massachusetts where majority of people go for coffee and pastries. Now let’s say that the people who own the donut shop are unwilling to serve a particular population. Tell me. How long do you think that donut shop will remain open after enough people learn of their prejudice? How did people learn about the incident or incidents of this particular donut shop? Well, the constitution states that “We the People” have been endowed with certain powers: freedom of speech and freedom of the press. There is no way that donut shop would last once it hits Twitter, Facebook, and the news.

See, we the people have a voice, but we have been enslaved for so long that we believe we have a voice for some things but not others. A bigger power states that you cannot fight this or that, so give us the power to do it for you; we will make a law. Once that gets drilled into your head over and over, you start to believe it. If McDonald’s for example, tries to pay their employees $4/hour in this day and age and in this economy, how long do you think McDonald’s would be in business. Oh, it may thrive for a while, but at some point, the American people would rise up and say enough is enough.

Again, my answer is soooo inadequate because it makes it sound like a simple solution to a problem, and it is NOT simple. I am not saying it’s simple, and I don’t believe it is simple. But a minimum wage law IS NOT the answer. This is just my own opinion.

Another law is not what we need. What we need is people who are willing to become part of the think tank. People who are passionate about liberty and willing to be the minority, sitting in the room of the majority and speak up.