News, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube have been blowing up this week about a controversial photo which featured a well known comedienne by the name of Kathy Griffin. In this photo, she could be seen holding a bloody, severed effigy of President Trump's head. Some across the web were horrified while others were left confused as to why she would do something like this.

As a comedienne, she was making an artistic statement, but the backlash and utter disgust was something she did not expect. What ever message she was trying to convey, it was clearly lost in translation. Nevertheless, the picture does convey a message she did not intend. It is a call for the president's head.

Ms. Griffin probably did not intend to do something that could land her in court or even worst, in prison. However, this is now her reality. She did something criminal, and she has to face the consequences of her action.

What's upsetting about the video above is that she does not take responsibility for what she did. Ms. Griffin, stop passing the blame. Own it and face it head on. But there could be a happen ending to this tragic story. How awesome would it be if her and President Trump sat down and had a conversation and at the end of that conversation President Trump said, "All is forgiven." Oh, the power of forgiveness. It would be an example to all the world what "love your enemies" actually looks like.