A day before Comey's appearance before Congress, his written statement was made accessible and public. If you were unable to see the live broadcast, I've included a Youtube recording for your convenience.

It seemed as though some members of Congress needed a hearing aid because they continued to ask the same questions over and over. Nevertheless, I tried to listen intently to Comey's testimony, and I will memorialize a few of my thoughts.

First, there was quite a bit of speculative exegesis going on about what this or that means as well as what so and so said. Comey did his best to give an accurate account of his conversations with President Trump, but some of it is still fuzzy from a listener's point of view. Context is key.

On that note, Congress had a field day with one of Comey's quotes of the President:

I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.

Majority of the members of Congress had questions regarding this one quote, and Comey's interpretation of it. Now, Comey stated that although it wasn't an order, he took it as one. Granted, we were not in the room with Comey. Maybe it was the way it was stated or maybe it was President Trump's body language which caused Comey to interpret it as so. Nevertheless, from a bystanders point of view, there is no indication this was an order of any kind.

Second, there is the fact that Comey documented his conversations with the present. Some are throwing doubt as to why he would do that when he hadn't done so with other presidents. Comey stated, that with other presidents, he had little interaction. I don't know why we need to question his motives based on prior history. This was unusual and he felt the need to document it. Anyone who has had a difficult boss or has felt antagonized by a boss can sympathize.

Did President Trump pervert the course of justice? According to Comey's testimony, the answer is no. Was Trump being his usual self? That is a resounding, Yes. Nevertheless, Trump's frequent meetings and phone calls with Comey is a bit troublesome and questionable.

Thoughts from Twitter & Commentary

Am I the only one that did not know that Antonion Sabáto Jr. was Republican????

Did we even watch the same thing? I would say it is inconclusive.

Don't know if it was politically motivated, but it is strange that he thought it was ok to do so.

I think I would have to agree with @KazeSkyz.